Freedom Relief Veterinarian Services

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What type of service will my clinic get from a relief veterinarian?
Many doctors are apprehensive to book a full schedule for their relief vets. With over 10 years experience in literally dozens of clinics, I'm completely capable managing a full patient load. My clients feel like they earn money by having their clinic open when they are off. Within my client's guidelines, I can not only see patients but also manage the practice for the duration of my client's absence.

Are you familiar with any practice management software packages?
I am fully versed in the use of InterVet, AVImark, and Cornerstone in addition to adapting well to any type of computer application.

What is your basic medical philosophy?
I strive to provide the best medicine and care for the animal while at the same time maintaining a realistic understanding of pet owner's budgets. I am a proponent of preventative care and quality of life for pets.

Are there any procedures you don't perform?
I do not perform ear cropping. Typically I refrain from any type of orthopedic surgery as I believe the surgeon should be involved in the animal's recovery and I'm not typically on site to oversee the entire recovery process.

Do you negotiate your rates for recurring assignments or longer engagements?
I have taken on long term assignments while a practice grows or is in search of a permanent doctor or a clinic owner is in a life-transition. Rates are negotiated according to the length and frequency of the engagement.

How do you handle issues of practice confidentiality when you work at multiple clinics?
My clients are the clinics and doctors themselves and I would be doing myself and my clients a disservice by divulging any proprietary information to another clinic. I request that my clients refrain from asking even basic questions regarding other clinics at which I practice.

I'm a pet owner. Will you work for me privately?
As a relief veterinarian, I only work for clinics. I am unavailable to service private clients in emergency and urgent situations and am often booked with a full schedule. As such, I encourage all pet owners to establish a working relationship with a local vet clinic that can take care of their full time needs. I could fully recommend any of the clinics for which I serve as I will not work for a clinic that practices sub-standard medicine.
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